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BC.GAME VIP Blackjack (Evolution Gaming): GAME Review & Theme

BC.GAME VIP Blackjack, hosted by Evolution Gaming, takes you into an exclusive world that's synonymous with elegance and sophistication. Set within the recognizable BC.GAME's dark tables and matching theme, it offers the high-rollers an arena where skill meets prestige. Dealers, flawless in their professional attire, ensure the game flows smoothly, reinforcing the feeling of a premium gaming environment.

But what truly sets BC.GAME VIP Blackjack apart is the way it treats its players, making them feel like a special persona. It's not about pomp and glitter but about the essence of exclusivity and excellence. The swift dealings and intense multiplayer action combine to create an ambiance that caters to those who seek the thrill of high stakes and the satisfaction of superior service.

Gameplay and Tutorial

In BC.GAME VIP Blackjack, the main objective for players is to get closer to the magical number of 21 without going over, aiming to beat the dealer in the process. If they can manage to hit exactly 21, which is known as a blackjack, it is considered the optimal outcome. This particular version of the game utilizes a total of eight full decks, with each one consisting of 52 cards that are divided into 13 ranks and four suits. A unique aspect of the game is that players have the flexibility to value an ace as a one or an eleven, depending on their needs. With the ability to accommodate up to three players at the same time, a wide range of bets are allowed, from as little as $1 all the way up to a maximum of $10,000.

After everyone at the table has made their bets, the dealer gives two cards, face up, to each player and takes one card, face up, for themselves, along with a hidden hole card. Players are then given a choice between four possible moves: hit, stand, double, or split. They carefully plan their actions based on these options, whereas the dealer has to follow specific rules, drawing an extra card if their total is 16 or less and standing if the total is 17 or higher.

About BC.GAME VIP Blackjack at BC.GAME

BC.GAME VIP Blackjack by Evolution Gaming is an online casino table game with a low volatility level, providing a steady and dependable playing atmosphere. For those looking to enjoy extended playing sessions and keep a handle on their financial strategies, it's a fitting choice for both beginners and seasoned players who desire stability.

In terms of financial gain, BC.GAME VIP Blackjack allows players to multiply their initial bet by an astonishing 100 times. Additionally, with a remarkable Return to Player (RTP) rate of 99.29%, it stands out from many competitors in the iGaming field, signaling a higher likelihood of long-term gains. This noteworthy percentage enhances the attraction of BC.GAME VIP Blackjack for players aiming to find both engagement and substantial profits.

Bet Limits and Payouts

BC.GAME VIP Blackjack presents a wide main bet range, stretching from $50 to $10,000. If you're considering side bets, you'll find an array that suits all kinds of financial capabilities and risk preferences. For the Bet Behind feature, the range is set between $5 and $250, while Perfect Pairs and 21+3 side bets vary from $5 to an impressive $1,000. This wide assortment of betting options makes the game appealing to a large variety of players.

In terms of the payout structure, BC.GAME VIP Blackjack rewards a 3:2 payout for Blackjack and a 1:1 payout for a winning hand. Selecting the insurance option will lead to a 2:1 payout.

The game also spices things up with an array of side bet rewards. There's a 25x return for Perfect Pairs, a 12x multiplier for Colored Pairs, and a 6x payout for Non-colored Pairs. The excitement doesn't stop there; the 21+3 side bet has its own series of payouts. A Flush will get you 5x, a Straight leads to 10x, and Three of a Kind offers 25x. A Straight Flush brings in a significant 40x return, and Suited Trips can result in an astonishing 100x payout.

Features of BC.GAME VIP Blackjack (Evolution Gaming)

In BC.GAME VIP Blackjack, there's a combination of excitement, luxury, and strategy awaiting every player. With the addition of three seats, your opportunities to challenge and outmaneuver the dealer are enhanced, creating a unique and immersive environment. For the strategic minds, there's the Bet Behind option, which provides the chance to ride along with winning players.

On the other hand, the Insurance side bet is there as a clever safeguard, acting as a cushion against the dealer's strong hand. And if you're looking to add a spark of thrill or want to blend skill with a touch of fortune, then the Perfect Pairs and 21+3 side bets offer a world of possibilities with matching outcomes.

But playing this table game is more than merely engaging in a series of bets and strategies. It's a chance to feel like a VIP, where every decision and play elevates you into a world of exclusivity and luxury, transforming an ordinary game into an extraordinary experience.

Three Seats

Players have the chance to play up to three seats at the same time after finishing each round. A seat means a unique hand, and that hand gets two cards, following the traditional rules of blackjack. By playing three hands simultaneously, you can increase your returns, and your odds of beating the dealer grow three times. This approach can quickly boost your chances of winning and enhance your monetary gains.

Bet Behind

The Bet Behind feature is a real boon for those new to the game. It lets them place bets on someone else's hand, sharing in their victories without needing to have their own seat at the table.

Look for seasoned players displaying a golden insignia with a number on it, reflecting their winning streak. This can be a helpful clue in choosing which hand might be the best to back.

Insurance Side Bet

When the dealer reveals an ace, the option to make an Insurance side bet becomes available, and it's half the amount of your original bet. Should the dealer land a blackjack, a 2x payout awaits you. If that's not the case, however, the insurance bet is lost. It's a gamble, one that carries both risk and potential reward, and it's a move that, if played wisely, can sometimes lead to a handsome payoff.

Perfect Pairs Side Bet

The Perfect Pair side bet is all about matching cards. You can win with a Perfect Pair (two identical cards, like two Kings), a Colored Pair (two cards of the same color but not the same suit, like two red Queens), or a Mixed Pair (two cards that match in rank but not in suit or color, like a red 7 and a black 7).

21+3 Side Bet

The 21+3 side bet opens up some interesting winning possibilities. You win if your first two cards and the dealer's face-up card create one of the following hands:

  • Flush: Three cards of the same suit, such as the 2, 6, and 10 of Clubs.
  • Straight: Three cards in numerical order but different suits, like the 2, 3, and 4 from various suits.
  • Straight Flush: Three consecutive cards, all in the same suit, like the 10, Jack, and Queen of Diamonds.
  • Three of a Kind: Three cards of the same rank from different suits, like three Kings from different suits.
  • Suited Trips: Three identical cards, for instance, three Queens of Hearts.


BC.GAME VIP Blackjack serves up a perfect fusion of the old and new. Players looking for that thrilling sensation of sitting at a high-end casino table will find solace in this digital offering. With layers of excitement through its many features, it's more than just a recreation of the classic game; it's an enhanced version that pays homage to blackjack's rich history.

The VIP feel is more than a simple embellishment; it's an integral part of the gameplay, bringing high-stakes energy to your fingertips. It is a virtual haven for both newcomers and seasoned veterans, where strategic prowess meets technological advancement. Evolution Gaming has crafted something truly special here, and it's a place where any blackjack lover will feel right at home.

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