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Hash Dice (BC Originals): GAME Review & Theme

Hash Dice at BC.GAME is a variation of a dice game offered on our online casino. True to its core, Hash Dice is a probability game developed using a blockchain algorithm and hash value calculation. This fact alone contributes to the thrill and exciting nature of the game, especially since players are more engaged, intrigued, and kept on their toes with their predictions and bets. In such a case, your probability of winning continues to get higher as the number you roll on the table is closer to the randomly generated number.

Gameplay and Tutorial

One of the reasons why dice games such as Hash Dice are well-loved by players of all ages and experiences is because of their simple and easy rules. First, you must establish a predicted interval, like 4999, and a random number. Once this is done, place a bet amount for this specific round, and click on the ROLL button once you’re satisfied with your wager.

The results will show a random number between zero and 99999. The main goal here is that the result should equal the interval you set in the first place. This means you win if the result is 4999 < random number. If it’s otherwise, this means that you lose.

Here’s a tip: you can set low and high intervals. For instance, you can set a high interval of 1999 - 99998 less than or < the random number or a low interval like this: random number < 1 - 98000.

Setting high and low intervals before betting gives players more options and flexibility. It’s also important to note that Hash Dice at BC.GAME has a 1% house edge. This means that players who intend to bet in the long term can expect roughly a 99% return rate based on their initial bet amounts, which is quite astounding.

For players to maximize their gaming experience while playing this casino dice game, Hash Dice flaunts simple but nice graphics and jubilant music to keep them entertained. Upon clicking the game, you’ll see a slot machine in front of a wall filled with graffiti art. There’s an area where you set the interval and a Spin button on the machine that you will click once you know the results.

While Hash Dice is ideal for beginners, it’s still important to study the game's mechanics and familiarize yourself with its rules. This is especially true if you want to maximize your winnings and are betting for the long term, plus it lets you have fun as you go. The great thing about dice games is that players can choose numbers ranging from hundreds to thousands. The main goal is to decide on a single lucky number and predict whether or not the results are similar to your initially established interval for if the number is lower or higher than that.

Not only that, but Hash Dice at BC.GAME is also provably fair. It operates on blockchain and hash function algorithms that prevent any incentive for casinos to cheat. For this reason, players can guarantee that the results are random and fair for everyone.


Hash Dice at BC.GAME presents a captivating reinterpretation of the classic dice game with its intuitive interface and enticing gaming features designed to engross players. The game's polished design, with its fast-paced gameplay and solo play feature, not only delivers an exhilarating casino experience but also invites strategic decision-making. The suspenseful mechanic of predicting whether the roll will fall within the interval set by the player intensifies the challenge and boosts the potential rewards. With its provably fair system and a house edge of just 1%, Hash Dice offers a fair and exciting gaming experience. These components synergize to make Hash Dice a thrilling dice-predicting journey suitable for both experienced aficionados and novices keen to explore the realm of iGaming.

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