Sugar Rush

RTP (Return to Player)


Reel Resign

7 x 7

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Win Ways

Cluster Pays

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Stakes Range

$0.2 to $100

About this game

Sugar Rush (Pragmatic Play): GAME Review & Theme

Sugar Rush at BC.GAME offers a vivid tapestry of sugary delights that captures the essence of a fantastical candy wonderland. It's a picture of a scene awash in kaleidoscopic hues of pink, green, and orange. You'll find fields carpeted with gummy bears, lollipops standing tall like mystical totems, and valleys made entirely of your favorite sugary treats. Add to that a catchy, foot-tapping soundtrack, and it's almost like living your childhood daydream of a visit to Willy Wonka's factory.

Even the smallest details are designed to match the overarching theme of a sugar-fueled adventure. Luscious gumdrops dance on the corners of your screen, almost as if cheering you on to your next big win. Meanwhile, the vibrant backgrounds serve as the perfect canvas for the game's intricate icons, making each spin a visual treat.

About Sugar Rush at BC.GAME

Sugar Rush from Pragmatic Play is a high-volatility online casino slot, making it a game where significant wins can happen in a flash. The excitement is further fueled by its expansive 7 x 7 reel layout, which not only offers an eye-catching visual but also allows players the chance to rake in up to 5,000x.

Regarding Return to Player (RTP), the game showcases a commendable 96.5%, ranking it higher than many other online slots. Additionally, a hit rate of 34.5% means that you're likely to land a win relatively frequently, essentially every third spin or so. Sugar Rush is quite generous with smaller wins, keeping your interest piqued while you're gunning for those larger payouts.

Pay Table and Bet Size

In Sugar Rush at BC.GAME, the betting range is notably flexible, allowing players to wager amounts from a modest $0.2 up to a generous $100. Whether you're a cautious bettor or a high roller, the game's versatile wagering options cater to your style, adding another layer of excitement to your gameplay.

Sugar Rush's pay table begins with the low-paying symbols: orange, purple, and red gummy bears, with a payout value ranging from 0.4x for five identical symbols to 60x for 15 or more. Further down the list are two medium-paying symbols: a green star candy and a pink jelly bean, with an 80x and 120x bet multiplier for 15 or more matches, respectively. Finally, an orange heart candy and a pink lollipop are high-paying symbols that give you a 200x and 300x reward for 15 or more identical symbols, respectively.

Features of Sugar Rush (Pragmatic Play)

Sugar Rush by Pragmatic Play serves up a sugar-coated spectacle that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth while at the same time making your heart race with anticipation. Though visually akin to its sibling, Sweet Bonanza, Sugar Rush holds its own unique charm, offering gameplay mechanics that are intriguing and rewarding in their own right.

While Sweet Bonanza tickles your taste buds with multipliers, Sugar Rush takes a slightly different approach but still leaves a lingering taste of victory with every spin. Here, the much-loved Cluster Pays feature makes a grand appearance, meaning the sweets you're hunting aren't aligned in boring rows but instead form delightful clusters that burst into sugary explosions when you win. And speaking of winning, let's not forget those multipliers that can amplify your rewards exponentially, transforming modest wins into jaw-dropping jackpots. And if that's not enough to excite you, there's also a sprinkle of free spins waiting to be unlocked.

Exploding Symbols, Cluster Pays, and Cascading Reels

Triggering the cluster pay feature requires lining up five or more matching symbols either in a row or column. Once you hit that sweet spot, the cascading reels come into play. Successful symbols explode away, leaving empty spaces behind. What follows is a choreographed dance where existing symbols move down to fill the void, and new symbols rain down to populate the grid. The loop renews itself each time a new winning cluster emerges, beefing up your rewards along the way.


With multipliers, the gameplay spices up a bit. Whenever winning symbols show up in special spots, they vanish, and multipliers pop up to indicate the value associated with each symbol. The initial multiplier is x2 and doubles for each subsequent winning symbol that gets removed, capping at x128. All wins that occur with a multiplier are multiplied accordingly. If multiple multipliers are in play, their values are combined before applying them to your win. Once you're back to regular spins, the board resets, wiping all multipliers off the slate.

Scatters and Free Spins

When it comes to scatters and free spins, the base game has its own set of rules. Score three to seven scatter symbols during a tumble sequence, and you're looking at 10 to 30 free spins. What's unique here is that during these free spins, multipliers sticking to certain reel positions don't go away. They keep adding value as the spins roll on. Plus, if you manage to snag additional scatter symbols, you'll also tack on extra free spins, prolonging the free spin session.

Feature Buy-in

For the players who are a bit impatient, there's a feature buy-in option. By parting with a 100x fee, they can skip straight to the free spins round. To make it even more exciting, landing three to seven scatter symbols while buying free spins is also on the table.

Sugar Rush(Pragmatic Play): Game Summary

Sugar Rush takes the vibrant essence of Fruit Party and Sweet Bonanza and adds a tantalizing twist. With an expansive 7-reel grid full of Candy Crush Saga icons, it offers players a sugary playground with endless possibilities. Scoring those wins might make you sweat a bit, but when you do, the payoff is as sweet as a cherry on top. From cascading reels that keep the game dynamic to enticing free spins and multiplying factors that can skyrocket your rewards, there's never a dull moment. So, if you're craving a sugar rush without the calories or simply want a game that keeps your pulse racing, Sugar Rush is the treat you've been waiting for.

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